Do you ever find yourself longing for more happiness in your life? I know I have. Many of us desire to feel more joyful and content, but it can be difficult to know how to achieve that. The good news is that there are small things we can do every day to increase our happiness levels.

In this article, I’ll share with you 20 life-changing tips that you can start working on today. These tips may seem simple, but they have the power to transform your outlook and improve your overall well-being. From practising gratitude to connecting with others, each of these tips is designed to help you cultivate a sense of joy and fulfilment in your life.

It’s easy to think that happiness is something that we can attain by achieving certain goals or acquiring more possessions. But the truth is that happiness is a state of mind that we can cultivate within ourselves. By taking small steps every day, we can shift our mindset from one of lack to one of abundance.

If you’re feeling down in the dumps or just looking to boost your overall happiness levels, these tips can help. I encourage you to start implementing them today and see how they can change your life for the better. Let’s work together to cultivate a sense of joy and contentment in our lives.

Shower Gratitude
  1. Practice gratitude. Try shower gratitude. It’s easier to make a new habit if you attach it to an existing one. So, assuming you shower (baths work, too), try stating three things that make you feel grateful. More importantly, state why you are grateful for them.
    If you are grateful for your significant other, state what about them really makes you feel grateful.
  2. Get enough sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours a night – sleep is your superpower, and if I’m honest, and I often am, when I finally get my three wishes, the first would be a guaranteed night’s sleep every night.
  3. Move your body. Exercise releases endorphins and can improve your mood. Movement is medicine. The key to making exercise stick is to find the right exercise for you and to build extra movement into everyday life.
Gratitude Journal on Amazon

There is some amazing evidence that Gratitude changes your brain to see the world better, to feel more grateful, and to be happier. If you’re so minded, these Gratitude Journals are great for personal development (or a gift).

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  1. Spend time in nature. Being outside can reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. On top of that, you can green up your home – I just love houseplants!
  2. Connect with others. Make time for friends and family. Assuming your friends and family are the supportive, interesting types. If not, perhaps join new social groups, a local choir, a book club, yoga, etc. These can all give you that social feeling while bringing you happy vibes. is a great place to meet new people.
  3. Learn a new skill. Trying something new can be exciting and boost your confidence. As a compulsive course taker, I love Udemy. They have courses on practically anything and often have amazing discounts.

House plants are good for mood graphic.
  1. Volunteer. Helping others can give you a sense of purpose. It can also help you live longer. There are ‘Blue Zones’ around the world, places where people live healthily into very old age and in these places, volunteering is listed as one of the factors that keeps people going.
  2. Check your focus. Try closing your eyes and try to imagine where you see yourself. Are you in the past, the present, or the future? Wherever you are, picture yourself as strongly as you can with one eye on the now and one eye on the future. This way, you can enjoy the present and still plan for a fun future.
  3. Cut out toxic relationships. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. In these busy times, we do not need thousands of friends. What we need is an inner and out tribe. The inner tribe only needs 2 to 5 people who make us feel good, supportive people on the same wavelength as us.
  4. Laugh more. Watch a funny movie or your favourite comedy show – anything that brings the laughs. Laughing releases all sorts of happy chemicals into our systems. Give it a go even if you’re not in the mood (kinda the point that you’re not in the mood, that’s why you need the funny 🙂
One thing can make a difference image

Here are some tips that can be incorporated into your daily routine to improve your happiness levels.

It’s important to note that feeling “happy” is not a constant state, and most of the time, we experience a range of emotions that can fall somewhere in the middle.

However, one of the keys to living a good life is to infuse those middle moments with happy ones. By doing so, we gradually accumulate more and more happy experiences until they begin to outweigh the sad ones.

Over time, you will start to notice that these small moments of joy will add up, and you will begin to experience more happiness in your daily life.

Remember that happiness is not an end goal but rather a journey, and by incorporating these tips, you can make that journey a little bit brighter.